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Intelligent Recruitment Assistant

Post a job, Go for a coffee break, Your recruitment is done.

Largest Pool Of Technology Candidates

How Applicantz is Replacing Job Boards?


Higher Quality Hires

- Identification of best candidates based on requirements.

- Smart filters for applicants evaluate.


Better Candidate Experience

- Largest pool of technology candidates.

- Quick application and easy evaluation.


Reduce Time To Fill

- Evaluate hundreds of candidates in minutes.

- Speed up recruitment, Recruit before competition.


Seamless Hiring

- Eliminate all back and forth with candidates.

- Reduce recruitment cycle to hours.


Increase Closures

- Consistent screening and Elimination of human errors.

- Increased transparency, Identification of bottlenecks.



- Reduced recruitment efforts.

- No job board or ATS required.

Features - What Applicantz Offers?

Intelligent Sourcing

  • Identification of key skills
  • Unlimited candidate views
  • 250 Candidate connects per job
  • Auto reachout to top 100 candidates
  • Applicants search go beyond boolean
  • Smart applications

Next Generation Screening

  • Smart Filters
  • Pay Rate Information
  • Candidate Location and Distance
  • Immigration Status
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Rediscover Previous Applications

Advanced Intelligence

  • Compare Applicants
  • No need to read the resume
  • One click pay negotiation
  • Job specific salary trends
  • Auto emails for missing information

And more...

  • Team Collaboration
  • Email Module
  • Customized Email Templates
  • Everything in Cloud
  • World-class Customer Support


We guarantee 50% saving from your current recruitment spend.

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